I’m Joe. Studied computer science and engineering at the TU Delft. Afterwards I got a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Amsterdam. Currently doing a Ph.D. in explainable AI at CWI in Amsterdam, the Dutch research institute for maths and computer science (Python among other things came from here). As a side hustle, I run Matigekunstintelligentie where I write articles, sell posters, and mainly just mess around with algorithms.

It is said that a joke is like a frog, if you dissect it, it dies. Normally I’d agree with this analogy, but the word Matigekunstintelligentie goes over the heads of anyone that doesn’t speak Dutch. If you are Dutch skip over this paragraph to keep the frog croaking. Matigekunstintelligentie is a play on words on the term kunstmatige intelligentie, which means artificial intelligence. Matige means mediocre, kunst means art and intelligentie I will leave as exercise to the reader. Mixing up the words gives mediocre art intelligence. This perfectly sums up what I do.

I have an interest in fractals, artificial intelligence, evolution, emergence, randomness, Gauss, determinism, rendering, video compression, cellular automate, parallelism and game theory. This may give you an idea of what I will write about next. You can further judge my character on what I like and don’t like.

Things I like:
  • Navy Blue
  • Crows
  • The Roman empire
  • Football tricks
  • Python
  • Escher
  • Richard Dawkins, Douglas Hofstadter
  • Max Cooper, Extrawelt, Jokers of the Scene
  • The Rubik’s cube
  • Abandoned structures
  • Non-fiction
Things I don’t like
  • Non-functional grass
  • Keeping pets
  • The middle ages
  • Matlab
  • Analog clocks
  • Artificial cherry flavour
  • Fizzy water (tastes like tv static)
  • Musicals
  • Jewelry, coins, keychains
  • Variables that start with my_

The website is nowhere near ready and I’m editing code in production (programmers please don’t kill me). If you spot a mistake or want to know something email me at matigekunstintelligentie@gmail.com.